Bayswater Morley Monarchs – Development and Information Session – Call Out

Bayswater Morley Monarchs – Development and Information Session – Call Out

Bayswater Morley Monarchs have a training/clinic on the 21st of Feb, Wednesday. This training will be at Houghton Park from 6:30pm. We understand that not everyone will be able to make it however, we’re using this as a chance to meet everyone, share information and offer an insight as to what the club has to offer. This clinic is still available even if you are not planning to join us this year.

Some information about the club. We are the only remaining club to have won the Summer State League and have continued our success through the winter. Since 2005 the club has won six Division 1 and four Division 2 championships including last year. We run a highly successfully development program which has seen well over 20 players make the Western Blaze side in the last 10 years and a further 10 participate in the Steelers program.

We have been very fortunate with the under 23’s rule which allows junior athletes to play multiple games in a day. We use this rule to ensure that everyone plays at least one full game a weekend. We are able to reward improvement in players by moving them up grades during the year and provide assistance to help them recover when they are in a slump.

I hope that I will catch you at Houghton on Wednesday however if you are not able to attend, We can answer any further questions and continue to send you information. Spots will continue to be available even during the first few weeks of the season. They can also participate on a part time basis and training is not compulsory however highly recommended. We look forward to hearing from yourself and good luck for the season.

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